Dallas remains a leader in environmental stewardship, working to improve the environment by focusing on resource conservation, policy compliance and continuous improvement. Alongside conscientious residents, the City continues to work towards providing a clean and healthy environment for all.

Environmental Management System
Building Green
Earth Hour
Earth Day
Green Dallas and Social Media
Air Quality and Energy Efficiency
Climate Change
Reducing Vehicle Emissions
City Motor Pool
Encouraging City Employees to Drive Less
Green Energy
Data Center Upgrade
City Hall Lighting Retrofit
A More Sustainable Water Utility
Water Quality & Conservation
Converting Wastewater Biogas Into Electricity
Five Year Strategic Plan for Water Conservation
National Recognition for Water Conservation
Cease the Grease
Waste Diversion and Recycling Education
Landfill Gas Collection
Resource Recovery Planning
Reverse Litter Campaign
Operation: Beautification
Carryout Bag Ordinance
Planning for the Future
Municipal Setting Designations
Sustainability Plan